Local Resident - Kendra H

“I locked myself out of my car in the middle of a parking lot. I could even see the keys sitting on the seat inside, so infuriating! Thank goodness I had my handbag and phone, or I probably would have had to run back into the store and see if I could borrow one from someone. I searched the local area to see if I could find a locksmith in Randwick, and I found a few companies. Most of them were closed, but this one picked up the phone right away and asked where I was. They sent out a company car and they were there in about 15 mins, which impressed me. Only took the guy a few minutes to open my car back up. Experience was easy for me, because I didn’t have to do much to get the service done. Highly recommended, and will keep them in my contacts for emergencies.”

Tradelink Inc. - James B

“Our developers just changed the locks on our building without notifying any of our employees before hand. Because of this, a lot of our people ended up getting locked out of the building overnight, myself included! Obviously, we didn’t get the memo. A quick call to the building manager revealed that the construction crews had come in early to install new doors and windows in our building. No one could go to work that day unless we got the front doors open. We decided to try and find a local locksmith to get the doors open so that everyone could end up going in on that day. It was about a 45 minute process total from waiting for the technician to arrive to having the doors opened. They were very professional and easy to deal with. Would recommend them for anyone in a similar situation.”

Local Resident - Alex D.

“I found this company because I accidentally got locked out of my house by my two-year-old son. I made the mistake of leaving the door open when I went out the front door to take the garbage out. The door was closed behind me by my son, and it latched and locked. I was a little panicked to have him inside the house all alone, and I also did not want to stand in my driveway at night for hours on end until my husband got home from his job. Google referred me to this company, because it had the highest number of five-star reviews on the list. Since I always prefer to go with quality companies, I decided to choose it over the others on the list which have lower reviews. They picked up immediately and a woman on the telephone line helped me dispatch a locksmith to my home. He was out really quickly and managed to get the door open in about five minutes. I would work with them again in the future if I had a problem similar to this, but now I’m making sure to keep my spare keys close at hand.”

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